Day 29 – Queenstown to Lake Wanaka via the Crown Range Road, more bras and a craft fair that wasn’t

day 29

Our trip continued heading north, closer to the end of our amazing adventure, and, as if to tease us, New Zealand decided to bless us with great weather as we retraced our tracks back up the Crown Range Road and towards Lake Wanaka for an overnighter.

_mg_8034 _mg_8041 _mg_8043 _mg_8046 _mg_8047

The route back up this road was fairly uneventful. No more bras added since last we passed, but we did manage to find a crazy man who was driving a car fairly fast, which in itself is no big thing… but the caravan he was towing seemed to be having the shakes and we expected that at any second the caravan would make a dash for freedom and head for the nearest ditch, taking car and occupants with it. It is very difficult to overtake a swerving caravan and car!. Crazy person driving it. Dangerous as well.


We had hoped, as it was the weekend, that the Craft Fair that Daryl had mentioned, would be active in Wanaka, so we had left fairly early, after a coffee and a goodbye to Yaks and Yetis, to get to Wanaka in time. When we arrived however, there was not a piece of craft to be seen anywhere, so we were disappointed and moped around the village for the rest of the afternoon.

_mg_8054 _mg_8055

The lake was very choppy as the westerly winds had come in in force and were blowing across the waters as if Moses was asking God to part the seas again. Luckily He didn’t!

_mg_8056 _mg_8055 _mg_8057 _mg_8058 _mg_8059 _mg_8061 _mg_8066 _mg_8067

One more Top 10 motorhome camp later (we couldn’t find any freedom camping spots here either!) and the evening turned crimson. Hobbits et al for dinner and an early night. Tomorrow was going to be a looooooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg one!

_mg_8069 _mg_8070

Night night


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We are a couple who are young at heart yet old souls. We felt the need to travel to New Zealand to re-energise our batteries ready for 2015
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1 Response to Day 29 – Queenstown to Lake Wanaka via the Crown Range Road, more bras and a craft fair that wasn’t

  1. Rach says:

    Parting the seas? Luckily He didn’t?? Just think of the fantastic photos you’d have got!!


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