Day 32 – The Hobbits return home

So there we have it. Folks.

6000 kms travelled, 4500 photos taken, Close encounters of the Third and Fourth kinds. We have experienced things that go “Bump” in the night, strange lights in the skies, baby seals with a touch from God, funny looking cows, deer, Killer Keas, Dolphins and way to many sand flies!

img_5947 img_6097 img_6172 img_6735 img_6740 39 61 img_7012 _mg_7337 img_8301

We have wondered at ladies who sing to trees, old men who smile with true radiance and honesty, learned about the famous New Zealand call, “Sweet Asssssss”, been terrified by wild coach drivers who think that the speed indicators on blind bends actually mean at what G-force you should go around them, people who live in steel houses, Bungee jump kamikaze idiots, Daryl, the amazing man in Lake Taupo, and experienced the fantastic world of Frodo, Bilbo and the tribe.

day 1 g img_58179 img_6138  img_6747 29 Cardrona_bra_fence img_7511_mg_8346

We have smelled the most beautiful scents of coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening. (Ok, maybe we do have a few too many…) Luppins, Sea and lake air and the tingle as thunder threatens.

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We have marvelled at lofty spires and plunging cliffs, deepest of deep blue waters, ice flows, crashing waves, lakes, mountains, beaches that go on for ever, sand dunes that rise for ever!, Huge trees, forests with every conceivable colour of green, and then some, crashing seas, loads of islands, rivers, stars, police cones stuck up on the highest parts of a tree and mermaid pools

day 1 f day 2  h img_5819 img_5847 img_5873 img_6051 img_6068 img_6218 5 19 29 26 35 _mg_7025 _mg_7098 _mg_7088 20141107_144326 img_7072 _mg_7183 _mg_7154 _mg_7221 _mg_7271 _mg_7296 img_7306 _mg_7451 img_7529 img_7615 _mg_7735 _mg_7774 _mg_7834 _mg_7967 _mg_8156 _mg_8201 img_8237 img_8259 img_8290_mg_8348

We have also been welcomed!

Our thanks go firstly to the wonderful team at Wilderness Travel who, from the outset, have been of the utmost professionalism and kindness, always willing to assist and offer advice and really look as if they enjoy seeing their customers enjoying the NZ experience.

day 1 h img_6121 img_6684 img_6919 img_7019 _mg_8062 _mg_8264

We also want to thank our wonderful friends in Takapuna, Simon, Debbie and their children, Claudia and Sammi and their cat, and their open greeting, dinners, and an introduction to paddle boarding.

img_5673 img_5675 20141031_204128 img_5682 _mg_8350 _mg_8349 _mg_8353

To Fi, Justin and Jack, their dog, cow and lambs down in Masterton, (which is nowhere near Wellington!!!!!) and their introduction to us, of Paua eating, BBQs with a difference and farm animals to swing a stick at.

20141103_153547 img_6723 img_6754 img_6733 img_6731

And finally, we want to thank you the reader, for bearing with us through these 32 days. Of our ups and downs, our bumps into curios animals, noisy foreigners, missing curtains, sand flies, and The most wonderful, inspiring adventure these two hobbit fans have ever had… and that is saying quite a lot

Send word if you encounter any other oddities whilst on your route. And if we have been able to help you in deciding where to go (or not to get within a 100 light years of the place), then that, for itself, is worth every line and every word we have squeezed out of our bodies, trying to paint our picture, our picture of a wonderful place.

img_8111 img_8121

New Zealand



About mitchandjulian2014

We are a couple who are young at heart yet old souls. We felt the need to travel to New Zealand to re-energise our batteries ready for 2015
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2 Responses to Day 32 – The Hobbits return home

  1. Rach says:

    Thank you, both, for sharing your wonderful experiences with us.


  2. deniswendy says:

    THank you both for sharing a most memorable journey. It certainly has been a trip that will stay in your memory and that of all others who have been following it on line. We are not halfway through our trip and already have had some lovely experiences. I think the best has been our journey leaving Lake Taupo under clear blue skies and seeing Mount Doom and its neighbour with it’s sprinkling of snow in it’s hollows, clearly with no cloud cover, really lovely, then driving along the Forgotten World Highway towards New Plymouth. This is truly a road NOT TO BE MISSED!!!! It twists and turns, up and down hills, wrapping itself in knots around them and what scenery!!! Forests, rivers, hillsides, when not covered by trees, but by sheep and cattle. Several times we could look back or even sideways at the snow covered mountains as we did an almost complete circle around them. Then at the end there was Mount Taranaki with it’s cloud cover which kindly blew away so we could see it’s full splendour, similar in shape to Mount Fuji in Japan. What a drive, but your travels around this lovely country will take a lot of beating!!!! Again thank you for sharing you experience with us. This should be made into a book of memories!!!! Excellent and well done. We look forward to reading the book, once published! M & D


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